1. Income: 80%-120% of Area Median Income based on family size. Please contact us for the most recent income guidelines chart.
2. Credit Rating Minimum = 640—We can assist you with credit preparation prior to the home buying process.
3. Maximum debt-to-income ratio 35%
4. Verifiable employment or other income source


The Home Buyer’s Education Program

Homebuyer’s education programs provide education and technical services to assist eligible very low, low and moderate-income families in the process of purchasing a home. Homebuyers Education addresses such topics as choosing a realtor, qualifying for a mortgage, inspecting a house, contracts for sale, home maintenance and credit issues.

All participants requesting down payment assistance must attend a homebuyer’s education workshop. Please contact the following organizations for more information:

Clearpoint Counseling Solutions
407-895-8886 or toll free at 800-750-2227  
Visit Website 


  Secondary Selection Criteria

Residency—Priority is given to employees and renters currently living or working in area of the home(s) we have for sale Displacement—former residents of the area who are displaced due to lack of quality, affordable housing First-time home buyers—moving from renter to homeownership (have not owned a home in the past 3 years) Immediate Need Community Involvement—we welcome homeowners how are ready to participate in their new community.

Home Buyer Qualification 

Qualified buyer must:

Qualify for a conforming home loan

Live in the home as your primary residence 

Attend a Free Home Buyer Educational Seminar

Qualify based on family size and annual household income

Contribute the greater of $1,000.00 or 1.75% of the sales price of the home


HSCLT Programs

Purchase (income & credit qualified)

Lease Purchase (1 year contract with option to buy)

Rental (affordable rents)


Your Credit
Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers may obtain a copy of their credit report by calling or e-mailing one of the following: 

Annual Credit Report