Project Overview & Income Qualifications

Project Overview

West Lakes includes the five neighborhoods of Clear Lake Cove, Clearlake; Bunche Manor/Hollando, Lake Lorna Doone, Lake Sunset and Rock Lake. These neighborhoods have long been rich in African-American heritage and culture.

West Lakes Partnership, Inc. is a community development organization created and led by residents to help ensure the vision of a thriving community. Its key priorities include single family housing stabilization, improving the neighborhood curb appeal, and economic empowerment.

The “Reclaiming the Dream” project is intended to help stabilize and revitalize the West Lakes neighborhoods by reclaiming sub-standard houses, remodeling them, and returning them to the market as high quality, move-in ready, affordable housing available for home-buyers.

The remodel will include updated, energy-efficient kitchen appliances, water-efficient toilets and showers, low energy windows, upgraded flooring, paint, exterior cosmetic upgrades, and any repairs necessary to bring the house up to code and modern standards. These homes will not be a part of a community land trust.

The boundaries of the neighborhoods that make up West Lakes:  West of Orange Blossom Trail, East of John Young Parkway, South of Highway 50/Colonial Drive and North of Clear Lake. The neighborhoods are commonly referred to as: Luola Terrance/Lake Sunset; Lake Lorna Doone; Rock Lake; Clearlake Cove/Clearlake; and Bunche Manor/Hollando.

Qualifying Income Categories

Medium Income $62,900


Family Size

Very Low
(50% of Median)

(80% of Median)

(120%of Median)


$22,400 $35,800 $53,760


$25,600 $40,900 $61,440


$28,800 $46,000 $69,120


$41,950 $51,100 $76,680


$34,550 $55,200 $82,920


$37,100 $59,300 $89,040


$39,650 $63,400 $95,160


$42,200 $67,500 $101,280