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Benefits of Purchasing Your Home Through
A Community Land Trust

Central Florida Community Land Trust


Land trust homes are more affordable than Homes purchased on the open real estate market


Consistent housing payments allow the homeowner to build equity and receive federal tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes


The 99-year Ground Lease ensures that CLT homeowners will have the support of the land trust community.

What is a community land trust?

A community land trust is a nonprofit, community-based organization that works to provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities. A CLT acquires land and removes it from the speculative, for-profit, real estate market. CLTs hold the land they own “in trust” forever for the benefit of the community.

How does CLT homeownership work?

Buyers who purchase through a CLT purchase only the house and enter into a long-term agreement with the CLT to lease the land. CLT homes are sold to families with limited incomes. These homes cost less
than market rate homes because CLT homebuyers purchase only the house and enter into a long-term agreement – a 99-year ground lease – with the CLT for the use of the land.

Our Mission

The Hannibal Square Community Land Trust was established as a 501(c) 3 not for profit member based corporation in Winter Park, Florida in November, 2004.Dedicated to preserving the quality and affordability of housing within the Winter Park Community Redevelopment Area, the Land Trust provides opportunities for low, very low and moderate income families to secure housing that is controlled by the residents on a long term basis.To achieve its goals, the Land Trust obtains real property which it then leases to qualified buyers on a 99 year ground lease. The buyer is able to build a home, removing the often prohibitive cost of the land from the equation. This creative approach to home ownership is modeled on the nationally successful land trust movement, an increasingly popular way to insure that communities like Winter Park maintain a diverse mix of housing opportunities.

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Preserving Quality, Permanent
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