What is Hannibal Square
 Community Land Trust

The Hannibal Square Community Land Trust (HSCLT) is organized as an independent non-profit membership corporation to serve neighborhoods and residents who believe in and accept the concept of community preservation. This organization was formed to build a strong base for community action, to capture the value of public investment for long-term community benefit, and to create a method for providing permanent, affordable housing to low and moderate-income families for generations to come. The name of the CLT was selected through public balloting done at a Community Fair in June 2004.

A Need For
 Affordable Housing

In the primary development area of Hannibal Square and within Westside Winter Park some properties have been turned into expensive homes pricing out what was affordable housing. This has helped to deplete the affordable housing stock for low to moderate income households as well as for future generations. We hope that this information will enlighten and encourage you to join us in this very important work to preserve our neighborhood communities by becoming members of the HSCLT.

HSCLT Inspiration

The inspiration for the HSCLT were the pioneers who found “the square” and named it in honor of Carthaginian General, Hannibal. He followed two principles: seizing the initiative and maintaining a strategy. He also used logistics, political intelligence and psychology. Carthage’s economy was ruined and in 196A.C.E. the people of Carthage choose Hannibal as suffete (a kind of consul). In this capacity, Hannibal promoted a democracy, reorganized the revenues and stimulated agriculture and commerce. In this light if we stay connected with works of this inspiring man and the pioneers who helped to develop the rich cultural heritage of Winter Park, we can preserve communities by building a good foundation for future generations.